New capsule launched: Lost ast Vath

Recently I'd been putting some Final Fantasy XIV information on my capsule, because it was stuff I found handy and wanted to be able to easily access on my phone in a mobile-friendly format. (I play the game on console, not PC, and so I usually have my laptop shut, and once my laptop is shut I have trouble opening it again because my cat has decided she likes to lay on my desk in front of it... so...) But recently I decided that kind of information deserved its own dedicated space, and Geminispace could *use* more diverse sorts of capsules, so... New capsule launched, click click.

Lost ast Vath

(What really sealed my decision to launch this capsule was finding out that .click was a top-level domain. Click click.)

This isn't going to be an in-depth compendium of everything you could ever want to know. Rather it's stuff one might want to look up really quick while playing. Where do you get these dyes? Where do Elite Marks spawn? What do the different Astrologian cards do again? And what order do we kill those damn Moogles in???

(One day I'll remember to save those markers. Actually, I'll just go do that now.)

I hope others find use in this capsule, but even if no one does, I'll still find it useful for myself, and that's what matters.


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