Various thoughts on FFXIV

As you may have guessed from the title, I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV. I'm not very far into the game, just near the end of the A Realm Reborn MSQ. (As I type this, I'm actually in a queue to enter Praetorium. I've seen my wife do that one enough times to know I have PLENTY of time to kill on the internet right now.)

I know this part of the game is several years old, but I could have sworn that by 2013 we were well past the era of female villainous underlings whose only motivation was wanting to bone the male big bad. But then, apparently Gotta Kill Chaos: The Game is following in FFXV's footsteps and only having male party members, so... I guess Square Enix actually travels *back* in time relative to the rest of us.

I like the game so far, mostly. The plot is fine; I'm super cool with the three main city states not being 100% flawlessly Good And Pure, but I must confess I was VERY relieved when I got to Coerthas and they didn't even beat around the bush about being a bunch of assholes.

(I made an alt named Are-we-the Baddies who I'm planning to carry through the storyline up to Copperbell Mines and then just have him do that dungeon only. You know, when I get bored and feel like trolling.)

I just wish the healer classes' quests weren't such a PAIN. If the game expects me to do single-player quests as a healer, can't it structure those quests around, idk, HEALING instead of doing damage?? If not, can't it give me some actually decent attack spells?



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