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First, I love the little quality-of-life changes you've been making to Smol Pub, m15o. The Post Footer option especially is really good. And I really like being able to re-style the site interface for myself; I'm light-sensitive, so all the white was kind of grating. (I mean, I could have just used Stylus, but whatever.)


I'm studying to get my CDL in hopes of being a bus driver. Part of me wants to get ALL the endorsements so I can go on to drive trucks, but maybe it's better to stick to one thing at a time. I can always add those on later.

I had my consultation for top surgery! No actual surgery date yet, but I'm really excited. The doctor I'll be seeing does great work, just from the photos and testimonials I've seen. And he doesn't use drains. Super happy about that.

The catmint is G R O W I N G. Funnily, I originally got it because I read it repels ants, and... I haven't seen any ants around lately. I think that has more to do with the fact that we changed out our cat's wet food for kibble, though. She likes it better, and I haven't seen a single ant in the room since then. Everyone wins! (Except the ants. Fuck ants.)

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Made it to Stormblood in FFXIV, but the going has been slower than before because I made a second character to hang out with my wife's on the datacenter she has her main on. (I hecked up when I made my first character and didn't want to pay $18 to move datacenters. Starting to think it would have been easier if I had. Oh well.) But my alt is now in Heavensward so I think I'll focus on my main for a while. Also, I'm enjoying healing a LOT more than I was back in ARR. White Mage only really gets fun to play after level 50, which is kind of annoying, but what can you do about it?


Haven't done much in the way of witchery lately. I still consider myself a witch, still value and appreciate the power of the placebo effect a whole lot, but depression has been eating me up lately. There's a full moon on Sunday; maybe I can light some candles and find a ritual to help me chill the fuck out.

I'm slowly growing out of being one of Those Guys whose entire identity is Loving Science And Being """"""Rational""""""""". These days my interest in science is more in the realm of "how would this make for interesting science fiction?" and I'm a lot more into math, especially weird math stuff like transfinite numbers, Clifford algebras, etc. The fun thing about math is that you can just SAY a thing is true and then examine the consequences of that. To me, witchcraft is kind of the same thing. So if I had to put a name to my specific path, I suppose it would be "axiom witch".

That's all for now, Pub. Love you!


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