Tech thoughts for the week

Various thoughts on stuff I've been thinking of this week.

Final Fantasy XIV

Just un-nerf Thin Air. Please.


I have missed this site so much. Even if no one else is reading my blog there, it's just so cozy being there. I love it.

Blog on Dreamwidth


This one's interesting. At first I was hesitant to use some web-based IRC client, but the layout and perma-connectivity is really nice. I might just shell out the $50 for a yearly subscription.

I only really use Discord these days to talk to my wife and send links back and forth between my phone and computer (because despite bragging loudly about being able to send tabs between devices, Vivaldi loses mine half the time). Maybe I could run a private IRC server and use that for those purposes? IDK, anyone know of any downsides to this idea?



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