My final take on smart quotes (for now)

My previous two posts:

Smart quotes are a skeuomorphism
Smart quotes aren't a skeuomorphism?

And a couple of response posts that have helped guide me:

Re: Smart quotes are a skeuomorphism (idiomdrottning)
Straight quotes are a skeuomorphism (by Adou)

So, yeah, I guess I'm on the smart quote train. I still don't really like the way they look, but I guess I'll get used to it. My own personal feelings about not liking the way they look/how cumbersome it can be to type them if I'm not using a word processor (I hate word processors) pale in comparison to the needs of the reader.

I'd also completely forgotten about Ctrl+Shift+U for inserting special characters! So for Future November's almost-certainly-needed reference when he forgets how to do this again: Type Ctrl+Shift+U and then insert the hex code of the character you're trying to type.

‘ | 2018

’ | 2019

“ | 201c

” | 201d

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to spend the rest of my day typing random hex codes to see what comes up.



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