That’s not how kandrona starvation works!

There’s this question that occasionally pops up in the Animorphs fandom: What would happen if a Controller with the morphing power became a nothlit? The Yeerk would be extruded into z-space with the rest of the Controller’s natural body, so it wouldn’t be able to leave their head ever again, so they’d basically be trapped as a Controller forever. Yikes! (I can sort of see Temrash doing that in The Capture if his pettiness-to-gloryhogging quotient had been skewed more in the pettiness direction.)

But then there’s invariably someone who replies, “But the Yeerk would still die after three days, right? Because they need kandrona rays?”

Except no! Look at literally any other nothlit — Tobias’ human body isn't starving to death in z-space, is it? Why would it happen to a Yeerk?

Sorry for inflicting this on you, Smol Pub, but I don’t have a Reddit account so I can’t rant about this there.



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