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Been playing FFXIV less. Now that I've finished Endwalker MSQ there's mostly just post-game grindy stuff to do, which isn't really my thing. I actually cancelled my sub, but thanks to the 21 free days of playtime they handed out as compensation for Problems in December, I still have time left.

I'm gonna re-sub, definitely, but maybe not until 6.1. I think that's when the post-MSQ plot content gets added?

Hearth and Home

Made cookies last night and they were awesome, and I found some places I needed to adjust the recipe I was using.

Brown sugar cookies recipe

Also, these are basically bombs of pure sugar, so be careful if you have limitations, lmao.

Added my own personal ravioli "recipe" to my capsule, too:

Canned ravioli but better recipe

Idiomdrottning had an interesting suggestion, running canned tomatoes through the microwave (sans can, of course), and also adding other stuff. The way my brain works, taking an easy meal like canned ravioli and dressing it up seems like way less work than assembling all the ingredients, even if using boxed or bagged ravioli wouldn't really make much of a difference. Psychology, amirite?

Re: Canned ravioli but better

Other Gemini servers

I use Agate for my capsules and it works fine since they're just static content, but recently I thought what if I ran an Antenna instance of my own? I'd need something different for that.

So I tried Gemserv, got confused by the config file, deleted Gemserv, poked around at some others, realized Gemserv would be a way better option for this particular use case (and had this confirmed by ew0k), tried installing it again, and... it just hangs on the last step, never finishing the install.

I'm bad at computers, lol. I probably shouldn't run a server if I can't even successfully install it, especially not one that I'm installing specifically to run scripts. But then I wonder, is that *actually* the case, or am I just trying to talk myself out of doing something "hard"? That's a habit I have. But also, sometimes you shouldn't do things if you don't know how to do them!

idk. I'll just stick with what I know for now. Probably going to have a couple books up on the library in the next few days.


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