Endwalker thoughts: WHM changes

I meant to post all my EW thoughts on that tinylog I set up on my FFXIV capsule, but then I was too busy playing EW to bother doing that. Now that I've finished the MSQ and had time to let it sit for a bit, I guess I'll just post my thoughts here.

First, some thoughts on the changes to my main job, White Mage.

RIP Fluid Aura. I wish they'd kept it and done something useful with it, but I don't miss it. Would have been nice if they converted it into a shield and then had it upgrade into Aquaveil later, because as it is, Aquaveil comes out of nowhere. We don't even have Stone or Aero anymore, so why are we getting water magic all of a sudden? I mean, I like Aquaveil, it just seems weird from a lore perspective.

Repose continues to be useless, or so I thought until I used it to cheese one of the side rooms in Qarn today while the rest of my party took the other one. I guess it'll always have its niche uses.

Liturgy of the Bell is good, but why give us YET ANOTHER ground target spell? Ground targeting feels SO BAD with a controller. Of course the first thing I did was set a macro to place it on whatever I was targeting instead.

I don't really like the shortened cast time for Glare. I get what people mean about "homogenizing"; the changes to both WHM and AST this expansion really make them feel much closer to being the same job with different aesthetics. They're not *exactly* the same, of course, but they're not as different as they once were and I dislike that.

Plus, now that I can weave OGCDs after Glare, all my instant-cast GCDs feel *really, really* awkward to use. Do I use Presence of Mind after this Glare, or do I save it for another ten seconds when the tank's Regen runs out? I had a similar problem with AST's DOT when I was leveling it up. Don't like it.

Freecure is still bad, and syncing down below lilies is still annoying. Nothing much else to say besides that.

Overall it's still a solid job to play. I wouldn't be complaining so much it I didn't like it; if I didn't like it, I wouldn't have played it enough to have these complaints.

Expect more praise/complaints from me in the coming days as I vomit out the rest of my thoughts!


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