The Endwalker delay

No, I'm not super thrilled about Endwalker getting delayed by two weeks. I'm excited to play it! And this delay puts the release date RIGHT at the start of my wife's truck-driver training, when previously she would have probably been done with MSQ by then.

But what are you gonna do, right?

More time for Mogtomes and Coffee Biscuit turnins is nice, I guess. And maybe this way I can add a full gathering and crafting log to Lost ast Vath.

I'm suuuuper thrilled about that FFIV-styled armor they showed off in the live letter last night, btw. Can't wait to make my Dancer look like a spoony bard! The only thing that would make it better is an outfit based on Golbez' TAY redesign. That would actually make me switch back to my M!Roe alt and level him up to 90.


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