Daily writing habit? And capsule updates.

I wrote about 20 words in Project A, but those are still 20 more words than I had yesterday!

In my defense, I was distracted by adding two new sections to Lost ast Vath.

Roegadyn language guide
Turn-in cheat sheet

The former because the official list on the Squeenix forums is not organized well IMO and doesn't have a reverse (English-to-Roegadyn) listing of words. Also when I was copying and pasting I found a few weird issues, like the word for "heaven" is given as "Hyml"? Like using "l", the fullwidth variant of "l". How did that even happen?

And the latter is there because I never actually finished most of my crafting and gathering class quests and wanted to just blow through them as quick as possible using marketboard cheese.

Anyway, here's to more than 20 words tomorrow!


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