Cricket Moon

A given month's specific full moon often has a particular name assigned to it. August's is traditionally the Harvest Moon, because August is when you harvest and the full moon provides enough light that you can stay out later and do just that (weather permitting).

But I'm not a farmer. I'm barely a gardener. And one thing the witchy circles I roll in like to emphasize is: Do what works for you. Your path is your own.

August is when the crickets start to come out and serenade my locale. It's a pretty marked difference, one month I can't fall asleep because birds are chirping (GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP, THE SUN'S NOT EVEN UP) and the next, the consistent cricket song serves as excellent white noise.

So: Cricket Moon.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone else already uses this term; a lot of things get re-invented or rediscovered just because they make sense.



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