On scientific “arrogance”

Regularly, I see hardcore religious types — the evangelicals, the ones who believe the Earth was literally created in seven days some 5000 years ago; you know the type — say something like this:

Scientists don't KNOW that their theories are true, so it's arrogant for them to act like they are!

And... it's just funny. Because science is just a big guessing game, really. You look at the evidence, try to come up with an explanation for what may have happened, and explore the consequences of that explanation. You don't get mad if your explanation turns out to be false; in fact, you're generally EXCITED because that means you now have more evidence pointing to what ACTUALLY happened!

And on the other hand, we have... people who think the Earth was created in seven literal days by a being we have no evidence exists. People who think all the evidence that the universe is much older than 5000 years was planted there by the devil to deceive us, or by their god to “test our faith”. (You know what it's called when someone who claims to love you tries to make you think something false happened? That's GASLIGHTING, my dudes.) These people have no right to preach about “arrogance”.

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