1920s scifi was something else

(This was the *first* post I made on my initial gemlog attempt on .blue. But who cares what order I post them in, right? As long as they're all here.)

I've been putting public domain stories and poems up on my Gemini capsule, like a little secret library, and I'd forgotten how wild the genre was back then.

Only six people in town have TVs! (At least the author actually did predict household TVs being a thing.) People take slow passenger trains! I just read one (that had some pretty period-typical racial insensitivity, so I won't be uploading it; it's THE FATE OF THE POSEIDONIA by Clare Winger Harris, if anyone is curious) that blew my mind in such a simple way: A radio news anchor READ A STATEMENT from a witness of an incident, instead of the person speaking on-air himself. Of course, considering when it was written!

It makes me wonder what's going to come out of the blue and take everyone by shock in the near future. If the world lasts that long.





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